Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Asra Nomani Defends Surveillance by NYPD, Says Some Muslims Use Religion as Cover

by Catherine Herridge

Asra Nomani talks of Muslims misuse of their religion and religious teachings. She defends NYPD surveillance against them in the following interview to Catherine Herridge.
“I think that there is a movement in America right now to claim this concept of Islamophobia, to say that people are hating on Islam," she said. "Let's be honest, there are people that do hate on Islam. But I think that (Police Commissioner) Ray Kelly and the New York Police Department have been targeted in this larger campaign to try to show that people are picking on Muslims.”
 The New York Police Department's controversial surveillance program involved efforts to infiltrate mosques and Muslim communities on college campuses to gather intelligence on potential threat. News of the secret program has sparked strong reactions, both negative and positive.
 Nomani said the Muslim community should take charge: “I think we would be better served by being more proactive rather than defensive.”

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