Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Challenges Facing Tunisia

The Challenges Facing Tunisia

by Tariq Ramadan

Columnist Tariq Ramadan gives a detail of the challenges Tunisians are facing and are expected to face in future. He writes, “Tunisia’s responsibility, and especially

that of its political and intellectual elites, is enormous. All the protagonists of the nation’s social, cultural, economic and political life must work to overcome useless and counterproductive polarization, and to find solutions to domestic, regional and international problems. The political system must be reformed, and the judiciary—and the independence of magistrates—restored. Pride of place must be given to the fight against corruption, cronyism and insecurity. Tunisia has discovered its endemic poverty and a failed and discriminatory school system. The newly elected representatives must make it their priority, and go beyond pitting Arabization against instruction in French. Language instruction should be oriented toward mastering several instead of imposing an exclusivist policy in the name of an inward-turning and reductive approach to Tunisia’s cultural and linguistic identity. On both the regional and international level, Tunisia must find new partners in today’s multi-polar world. “

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