Friday, October 7, 2011

The War within Islam
07 Oct 2011, NewAgeIslam.Com

By Najam Sethi

We don’t need to build dams and reservoirs for managing our natural resources; we don’t need schools and teachers for our children and hospitals for the poor. Our all- weather friends are China and Saudi Arabia. Never mind that China doesn’t help us much when we are ravaged by earthquakes and floods or when we are short of cash to pay our foreign bills. NEVER MIND that Saudi Arabia treats our migrant workers like slaves, rents our military to crack down on Shia majorities in Bahrain and exports extremist “Islam” to our lands. At the end of the day, who eats grass when we rise to defend our sovereignty? Not our pot- bellied traders and businessmen. Not our golf- playing generals. Not our Defence Housing Society residents. Not our foreign- asset holding politicians whose kids go to English- medium private schools at home and abroad. Not our self-righteous media Mughals who berate our slavish black- skins and white masks. Not our corrupt judges and civil servants. It’s the wretched of the earth, the poorest of the poor, who eat grass. -- Najam Sethi

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