Friday, February 17, 2012

Islamic Ideology
The Evolution in the Concept of Sunnah during the first four Generations of Muslims in Relation to the Development of the Concept of an Authentic Hadith

At the time of the Prophet then the concept of Sunnah was associated quite naturally with him, and , except from its ‘ibadat component, seemed to have been understood primarily as a general, ethico-religious and , in Medina, politico-administrative , concept based upon righteous customary practice that partially reflected some of the pre-Qur’anic customs and practices not contrary to Qur’anic worldview. The legislative component of Sunnah, which in no doubt existed, was , in consonance with the nature of the Qur’an as the “most trustworthy mirror of the prophet’s outlook and teaching” , also primarily conceived in religio-moral rather than positivistic terms. These religious and moral teachings, in fact, functioned as a reference point for legal evaluation. ...,

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