Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ijtihad, Rethinking Islam
Islamic scholar Mohammad Yunus joins issues with Ahl-e-Hadees Maulana Nadeemul Wajidi’s diatribe of Ahl-e-Quran-wal-Hadees

In a widely disseminated article published in practically every Urdu newspaper in India, Deoband’s Maulana Nadeemul Wajidi launched a diatribe of those Muslims who in his view place excessive reliance on the Holy Quran, which, he thinks, is only a “text”, whatever that means, and actual explanation of our religions can be only found in Hadees, volumes of which were recorded hundreds of years after the demise of the Prophet p.b.u.h.). More than two-thirds of these so-called ahadees(plural of Hadees) were rejected by authoritative ulema like Bukhari and Muslim as unreliable concoctions or fabrications in which rulers of the day who had established their dictatorial, monarchical, expansionist, hereditary khilafat after killing all members of the Holy Prophet’s family put words in the prophet’s mouth to justify their own un-Islamic conduct. New Age Islam is presenting Maulana Wajidi’s views in full and in translation in English and Hindi (on separate pages on the site) as well as a rejoinder from Islamic scholar Mohammad Yunus who has spend a lifetime studying the holy text and has co-authored a widely regarded book authenticated for its scholarship by Jamia Azhar, Cairo. Mr. Md. Yunus has great respect for the ulema who have devoted their lifetime in studying the ahadees while largely ignoring the holy Quran on which Allah (ST) completed our religion during the Prophet’s lifetime itself and made the Salafi Muslims a witness to the fact. So if any disrespect towards ulema creeps into any of the writings of New Age Islam including this, the fault is entirely mine; it is me who has difficulty suffering the Juhala. – Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam,-rethinking-islam/mohammad-yunus,

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