Monday, February 20, 2012

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उर्दू: ज़हरीला तिलिस्म- हसीं ख़्वाब
by शमशाद इलाही शम्स, न्यु एज इस्लाम डाट काम, टोरंटो,
उर्दू: ज़हरीला तिलिस्म- हसीं ख़्वाब

Shamshad Elahee ''Shams'' is one of those intellectuals who still passionately believe in an analysis of historical events through the universally discredited prism of Class-Caste struggle. He thinks, in facts considers it “a historical fact” that Urdu was a Lashkar (Army) Language. He says: “Urdu always belonged to Ashraf Muslims who were feudal and autocrat, and it was they who plundered Bengal.” So he considers Urdu language and literature responsible for the massacre of millions in what was once East Pakistan. Urdu’s biggest crime in his eyes is that it was a Court Language in Punjab. He is not prepared to consider another fact that Urdu was looked down upon by the Mughal Court and Urdu poets of all castes and communities who had any connection with the Court had to practically hide their practice of the plebeian language. New Age Islam Editorial Desk passionately disagrees with this line of thinking and considers it abhorrent. Urdu for us is not just a language or literature but the symbol of India’s secular, composite culture that could still prove our saviour. We are nevertheless posting this fascinating linking of a language with a class and thus being considered responsible for the crimes of its practitioners so that our readers could respond to the idea that opens many new and terrible possibilities. ...उर्दू--ज़हरीला-तिलिस्म--हसीं-ख़्वाब/d/6682

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