Friday, August 1, 2014

Now An Emirate In Ben Ghazi, Libya: But Why Does It Not Call Itself Another Khilafat
By New Age Islam Edit Desk
1 August 2014
Islam has been hijacked and turned into a joke by these marauders and terrorists called the ISIS and Al Qaida. Last month, on 30 July, Abu Bakr Baghdadi, a person of dubious background announced the establishment of Islamic State in Mosul and unleashed a reign of terror among Christians and Muslims alike, razing many religious structures of Shias and Sunnis and then issuing the order mandating FGM of millions of girls in the captured territory. Since the time Baghdadi parted ways with his Alma mater Al Qaida and rose to fame, Al Qaida was looking for an opportunity to assert its existence and strength. And as it cannot overpower ISIS in Iraq or Syria, it shifted its focus and strategy from Iraq to Libya where there was some scope of reclaiming the lost ‘glory’ as the land is at the moment without any authority or rule of law. So, an Al Qaida offshoot Ansar al Shariah conquered Benghazi in Libya and announced that an Islamic Emirate had been established there. But why an Emirate and not a Caliphate?

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